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Having been thrown willy-nilly into this remote, mostly dry place, my food options have drastically changed.  For instance, the only restaurant I have been to since I got here is a little Thai place that I had to put on a bullet proof vest to go to. Then several months later, a loopy plane ride deposited me into an even hotter, dustier, more arid place where the color brown is de rigeur.

It was a surprise to find some red. These little plump strawberries came in one day for lunch. Apparently, you have to know a nice guy around these parts so he can drop by and bring you strawberries on a paper plate.

I’ve been munching on these red sweeties for most of the afternoon. Then suddenly, it hit me! Chocolate-covered strawberries! Duh. Good thing I didn’t polish off all the strawberries. I have some chocolate in the fridge, so a quick zap in the microwave and I’ll have me some choco-covered strawberries after dinner as dessert. In the desert.

Ah, life is still good.